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Candy Corn Crypt

'Poor Cold Cole' DIE-O-RAMA 2nd Edtion

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"There once was a little boy named Cole

Spoiled and rotten he was never grateful.

He gobbled up candy and sweets by the mouthful.

One gloomy day he wandered off, telling not a soul. 

Into a graveyard he skipped, paying no attention at all.

Rain fell, Lightning crashed, and thunder did roll

Suddenly aware, He took off running and tripped right into a hole.

Some say he's still there...a frightened, shivering, unfortunate soul."


The 2nd edition Poor Cold Cole is 3" tall and features

Cast in solid white resin

Glows an eerie blue hue in the dark

REAL miniature autumn leaves

Removable glass display dome and wooden base

•UV keychain flashlight

•Miniature funeral card

•Exclusive Poor Cold Cole vinyl sticker

•Signed and numbered by the artist


Each DIE-O-RAMA has been hand sculpted, molded, cast, and painted by Schuyler Abrams.