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Candy Corn Crypt

Count Cavity Plush

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Soft, sweet …and full of mischief.
Count Cavity has plushified and multiplied himself and is plotting to invade homes around the country. Maybe he’ll visit…YOU?!

The Count is fully posable thanks to his wire bones and suction cup hands. Put him in your car window and take him on road-trips! Slap ‘em on your window at home so he can spy on your neighbors for you! Perform a dark magic ritual, summon a demon to possess him and have him do your evil bidding!

So many possibilities, it’s up to you!

Count Cavity Plushies are 6” and feature

  • Posable wire bones in the arms
  • Suction cup hands
  • Canvas trick-r-treat bag tag
  • tiny feet.

 ⚠️PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 1-2 WEEKS SHIPPING⚠️ I do my best to get orders out as soon as possible, but I'm just one goblin who's only transportation is by bicycle. I also tattoo full time and the US Ghostal service is closed by the time I leave the shop most days. Your patience is greatly appreciated. 💛🧡🤍